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Break through the job search maze.

Become a stronger job candidate

with Reployment step-by-step virtual career coaching.

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It’s time to say “hello, world,” but…

Do any of  these look like you?

  • You are a student or recent grad and have no idea how to start looking for that first career job.
  • You are looking for an internship.
  • You are completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • You wish somebody would take you by the hand and say “start here, then go there, and then do this.”

You’re not alone!

Reployment can help.

Reployment is something new.

  • We are not a recruiter. We are an online virtual coaching platform that delivers a proven, step-by- step method for connecting you with the job that’s right for you.
  • Developed and guided by certified career coaches and professionals, the Reployment system leads you through the specific steps you’ll need to be able to break through and stand out.

How Reployment works.

We build stronger job candidates.

You will be guided through these specific steps:

  • Creating a personal brand
  • Developing attention-grabbing materials
  • Identifying target employers
  • Identifying the most appropriate jobs
  • Building a strong network of support
  • Creating appealing stories to tell during interviews

The user experience is simple yet powerful.

  • Easy to use
  • More than 35 interactive exercises and tools
  • Customized to you
  • Resume builder and library

How you can benefit from Reployment.

Reployment shows you what to do.

The job-seeking process has changed radically in recent years. Far more technology-based and far less personal, job-seeking can be filled with confusion and dead ends. The good news is that there is a science to the successful job search. The Reployment method employs this science, guiding you step by step as you make the journey.

You’ll do some work, but it will be worth it

Step 1: Choose your path

  • Unemployed
  • Underemployed and seeking advancement
  • Recent grad

Step 2: Follow your individualized process

  • Each step includes an introductory video, an organized set of exercises, action items, and links to relevant information.
  • Log and track target employers, your contacts, and applications you’ve submitted.
  • Do the work on your schedule in the way that works best for you.

It really works!

Take the first step toward your new career

Getting started is as easy as a click.

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