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Job Search Readiness

  • If you began a job search today, how ready would you be?

    Job search readiness quiz

    Finding a new job gets more high-tech every day. This is true even if your job has nothing to do with tech. There are various “robots” at every stage of today’s job search, watching every move you make, ready to eliminate you if you don’t play the game to their liking.

    But even though job searches now happen across sophisticated digital platforms, the fundamentals of getting a job haven’t gone away. To succeed, you must adjust traditional, proven job search strategies to fit the pre-programmed tech-driven environment.

    Find out your job search readiness by completing this free, quick, no-strings-attached survey:

    (This is strictly for your own self-evaluation - we do not save or use your answers in any way – we won’t even ask for an email address – this is for your benefit, not ours.)

    If you began a job search today, select whether each item is ready or not ready:


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